The biggest hurdle for many people is contacting a professional organizer to work with them, fearing that they will be judged or criticized. My goal is to help you achieve a sense of control over your life, space, and belongings and I do it with the utmost confidentiality. Every project is completed with respect to the client and his or her space.

How It Works


After initially contacting LWO, you will receive a detailed questionnaire, asking about your organizational goals, personal and family needs, and problem areas in your space.

Then we will conduct a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation. During this time, the client has an opportunity to express any concerns that may not be listed on the questionnaire, ask their own questions, and get a feeling of compatibility between themselves and LWO. It is also the time during which LWO can determine whether or not we can properly assist you with your needs.

Having someone in your space and handling your things is a very personal process and it is important to us that you feel comfortable working with us. This is why we prefer to meet with our clients in their location for a complimentary 30 minute in-person consultation. At this time, you can walk us through your space and share which systems are working well for you and what areas of your home are creating a negative impact on your mind. The in-person consultation may be skipped in certain instances.

Sort & Purge

Once the client and LWO have decided to work together, the fun begins! You get to work with someone who is compassionate, efficient, and confidential to sort through your belongings and purge items that no longer bring you happiness. The client makes the ultimate decision on what stays and what goes, we are there to help facilitate the process and keep things on track. LWO can also haul away bags of trash, recycling, or donation if necessary. If the project requires shredding of personal documents, getting rid of big furniture or donating to a charity of your choice, LWO makes that clutter disappear!

Creating Systems & Assigning a Home

We ask that in most cases the client work side by side with us to organize a space. This way we are able to educate and demonstrate various organizational techniques that can be useful to maintain the systems that we customize for each client. Based on your daily routines and requirements, we create solutions to find harmony between purpose and beauty. Each item is given a home within your home and things are placed where it helps create flow and makes your life simpler.


Being environmentally conscious, LWO encourages clients to re purpose containers that we may come across during the sorting & purging stage if possible. However, if it is necessary to purchase new containers for items, LWO can offer assistance per client’s wishes.


We find that working in 3 hour sessions allows us to get a great amount of work done without tiring the client. Whether you are a busy family or a small business owner, LWO is here to help you organize your life so you can clear your mind and start doing things that bring you happiness. LWO wants to see you enjoy and love your space!


Services include:

  • Organizing any room in your home, including home office and garage, and storage units

  • Paper/filing systems, converting from paper to e-filing

  • Relocation, packing, & unpacking

  • Time/schedule management

  • Preparing for home sale

  • Spatial planning for room design/renovations

  • Student organization

  • Downsizing

  • Miscellaneous services as required by life changing transitions (divorce, new baby, retirement, end of life, etc.)

LWO is a fully insured company


Invite calm into your space & mind